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Gina Tuttle



Abrams Artists                     646-486-4600 (Commercial)


The Strike                                    Supporting            Guillermo Ivan

Reasons Y                                    Series Regular      Elaine Del Valle, Taryn Kosviner
Stereotypically Me                      Lead                      Linda Nieves-Powell
Unseen Debate                           Lead                      Warren Zide
Blockbuster                                 Lead                       Brian Gibson
Pros and Cons of Breathing     Supporting            Robert Munic

Sugar Shank                                Lead                      Meredith Wilson

The Brightness You Keep         Supporting            Amanda Copeland

First and Last                              Lead                       Bethany Ashton

Mitzvah Communion                Supporting            Robert Firth


Anything But Love                                Guest Star          ABC/Robert Berlinger
Models Inc                                             Guest Star          ABC/Chip Chalmers
The New Leave It To Beaver                Recurring           TBS/Brian Levant
TV 69                                                       Primetime VJ      Bill Cosby Station
The 82nd Annual Academy Awards   Announcer         ABC/Hamosh Hamilton

The 81st Annual Academy Awards    Announcer          ABC/Roger Goodman

The 79th Annual Academy Awards    Announcer         ABC/Louis J. Horovitz

The 73rd Annual Academy Awards    Announcer         ABC/Louis J. Horovitz

AFI Life Achievement Award               Warren Beatty    Louis J. Horovitz


Labyrinth Theatre Master Class        Writer/Director      Actor. Producer
Silver Star (One Woman Show)         Solo Flights             Ensemble Studio Theatre
24 Hour Play                                         Lead                        LATC
Hot Line                                                 Elaine May             Coast Playhouse

Hot and Bothered                                Lead Actors           Actors Gang

Table and Two Chairs                          Gordy Hoffman    The Met Theatre

Rex                                                          Lead                       Tiffany Theatre

A Christmas Carol                                Christmas Past      Tamarind Theatre

Training & Workshops

Wynn Handman
Larry Moss
Circle in the Square-Terry Haden, Jacqueline Brooks, Alan Langdon-NYU

Fred Kareman-NY

Emmy Award 2008-2009 for Announcer of The 81st Annual Academy Awards
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